Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Use less ingredients!

For few weeks I have been hooked on finding some good cooking ideas and recipes.I have to accept that on the one hand the Internet has made cooking very simple and on the hand it has made cooking equally difficult.Simple because you just have to recall the name of the item you had eaten some time ,some where which you liked it but do not know how to make it and you can get the recipe.Some times also videos of the recipe.Difficult because while searching for those recipes you will come across some recipes which need lots of effort and ingredients to cook.It is such an irony that most of the food bloggers post recipes which look very fancy and includes lots of ingredients,specialized utensils and what not.No one writes about recipes which are simple,less time consuming,less expensive yet tasty and filling.

I remember when T.V was a new item in our house we used to watch each and every program during vacation.One of them was Sanjeev Kapoor's cooking show.One day my brother commented "add lots of almonds and cashew in any dish and it will become very tasty".I did not follow then but that is what I see these days in every food blog.Add almond paste in chicken curry,in aloo dum and every thing.Cant people make simple masala chicken curry.
Dont take me wrong I am not writing all this to judge the food bloggers ,but it is really overwhelming to follow some of the recopies.The most funny thing is that several people will comment nice things such as "wow nice pictures","wow good description" ,however it is very rare to see when some one did some practical work,took some time to actually try it out first and then appreciate.That is really annoying to me.
All this motivated me to write some thing about food and the recipes I like.May be some one out there will love to try out some of them.The every day food,which is nice simple affordable and tasty.Why does food always have to be fancy and high class.

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