Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Gram Sprouts snack

Sprouts in any form and any kind is healthy.One of my favorite sprouts is black gram(kala chana) sprout which can be made very easily at home.Just soak black gram over night,in the morning strain out all the water.Cover it with a light lid and keep it in a dark place for two days.I like my sprouts a little longer and little bitter so I leave them for three days.Longer sprouts give a little bitter taste because of the increase in protein amount.However never let the sprouts grow that long so they start forming roots.Once root formation starts protein depletion also starts.So after you get the desired length of sprouts keep your sprouts in the refrigerator and use them within 3-4 days.

These sprouts are very sturdy unlike moon sprouts which are very delicate to handle.These sprouts can be used in several form,but my favorite is using them as snack item made with beaten rice.The nice thing about this snack is that you have to use little oil and very little cooked which serves the purpose of eating sprouts.

Here is what you are going to need:-

1. One full cup of sprouts.
2. Beaten rice -1 and 1/2 cups(keep it dry ,do not soak in water)
3. oil- 1 teaspoon+ one table spoon
4. one green chili
5. 1/2th teaspoon cumin seeds
6. 1/4th teaspoon turmeric powder
7. salt to taste
8. 1/2 of a medium size onion

1) Clean the sprout and drain all the water.

2) Heat up a wok,add one teaspoon of oil,cumin seeds and green chili.

3) Once the cumin seeds are little brown,add chopped onions.Also add sprouts,turmeric and little salt.Saute for a minute.

4) Cook for total of two minutes and turn the heat off.I know it sounds funny that a tough daal like chana getting cooked in two minutes but believe me it gets cooked enough to be eaten without problem.Moreover you do not want to kill all the nutrition so sprouts.So just cook enough so that the raw taste is gone.Transfer the sprouts in a bowl.

4)In the same wok add one table spoon of oil and add beaten rice and little salt.Cook on high heat.Keep stirring constantly otherwise it will burn very quickly.

5) It takes about 5-6 minutes to cook the beaten rice .
6) Now add the cooked sprouts and mix together.

7) Transfer into a serving dish and enjoy hot.
1)you can cook beaten rice and sprouts separately ahead of time but mix them together only just before serving.Otherwise the beaten rice will become soggy and very chewy to eat.

2)If you want you can just eat the cooked sprouts alone.Makes a light snacks.Again a good way to feed sprouts as they do not want to eat sprouts raw.

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