Thursday, January 7, 2010

Makke ke rotte(corn tortilla)

I think anyone who is from India is very well familiar with "Makke ke rotte" .Even though it is more popular in Punjab but every state has it own version of "makke ke rotte" recipe.In our culture of Mithila we do not eat it with mustard greens ("sarso ka sag") but with spicy chutney or pickles.It is healthy and wholesome meal.In our village the elites wont eat "makke ke rotte" as it symbolizes the food of poor or fodder food as it is grown in abundance and very cheap.It is so funny that here we go to whole foods to buy fresh corn flour and pay double the price to get that taste which is so readily available in my village.I am not ashamed of writing about it as I do not like adding frills and frame to hide the reality.I grew up with village food and we were not elites to show off enough.If food is tasty ,cheap and nutritious we would not care about anything else.

Whole foods carries fresh cornflour/yellow cornmeal which tastes as good as freshly ground corn flour in my village.If you buy packed cornflour from any Indian store or other stores named as "masa harina",it wont taste as sweet as it should as most of the time the flour has gone rancid.

So here is what you are going to need :-
1.) 2 cups of corn flour or fine corn meal.
2.) 1 cup of boiling water.

1) Measure corn flour and set aside.Boil water and pour little by little over the flour and start mixing it with a spoon.
2) Since it will be too hot, you cant mix it with your hand in the beginning.Once you think you do not need more hot water and the dough has cooled down enough , you can use your hands to mix it.

3) some times depending upon the weather and quality of flour you may need more or less water so do not add all the water at once.Now with your hands knead on a flat surface for a while.Since there is no gluten in corn there wont be formation of gluten if you knead the dough a lot.However a little kneading makes the dough very pliable and smooth.
4) Form smooth balls and cover it until ready to use or it will become dry at the surface.Divide it into 5 equal part.Make it into round balls with the help of your palms.
5) Now take a cellophane or just a plastic transparent grocery bag and cut both long sides .So there will be three sides open and one side intact.Put one ball in between the plastic ,cover it and roll it like chapati.
6) While rolling you have to be very gentle and slow.Some times you will see frayed end after rolling or while rolling that is because you may have not kneaded the dough enough.Once you have rolled the "rotte" put a flat pan and heat it on high heat.
7) Now remove the upper layer of plastic .It will come off just like that.
7) Place your right hand palm on the "rotte" and with the left hand hold the lower plastic layer and transfer the "rotte" on your right hand.
8) Immediately transfer the "rotte" into hot pan.If you leave it on your hand for even a little bit time you wont be able to transfer the "rotte" into the pan properly .The "rotte" will get stuck in your hands.After 2 minutes flip it .
8) Here is how it will look after the first flip.
9) Now let it cook on medium heat for 2-3 minutes and flip over again.This time press all parts with a clean cloth and the "rotte" will puff up.Cooking part is just like making ordinary wheat flour chapati.
10) It is now ready to serve with Mustard greens(sarso ka sag) and Chili-garlic chutney Or you can just serve with tangy hot pickles.

Tips:- Some people mix wheat flour to make it more pliable to work with the dough.This happens in three cases:
1) when you use cold water to mix the dough
2) when you do not knead enough
3) you use excess water than needed.

So to correct these mistakes people use wheat flour.However there is no need of mixing wheat flour if you do every thing right.Because if you mix wheat flour you will feel the distinct taste of wheat in "rotte" which dosent serve the purpose if you want real "makke ke rotte"

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