Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is one of the most elegant,easiest yet simple dessert a person can make.With very few number of ingredients and least work in least time you can imagine.However practice is a great factor and I made this dessert so many times that making them have become as easy as making chapati to me.

Here's what you are going to need:-

1. milk 1/2 gallon
2. sugar 1 cup
3. water 3 cups
4. cardamom 3-4
5. rose water 2 teaspoons
6. lime/lemon juice 4-5 teaspoon or as required

1) Make paneer out of milk or you can also get store bought paneer but the outcome will have a stark difference in texture and smoothness of rasgulla.At home too when you are making paneer for rasgulla try making a little smoother.You can have smooth paneer by adding least amount of lime juice ,just enough to curdle it and once the milk curdles completely immediately run the paneer under cold water or put ice cubes in it to stop further cooking.The outcome will be soft paneer which is perfect for rasgulla or any paneer based dessert .

2) Mash the paneer pieces into a soft dough by mixing it with the heal of your palm.It takes around 5-8 minutes.

3) Divide the dough into equal size balls.Remember to keep the balls a little smaller than the size of rasgulla you want because after boiling in sugar syrup the balls will double in size.
4)Prepare the sugar syrup by dissolving sugar into water and bringing t to a rolling boil.Dissolve 3 cups of water in one cup of sugar.The ratio is always 3:1 for water and sugar.Add cardamom.

5) with the help of your both palm make the balls .Try to have as less cracks as you can in the balls.You can achieve this by rolling and pressing the balls in between you palms for a while untill you get the smooth surface.

6) Now turn the heat to high and bring the sugar syrup to boiling point again.Once it starts boiling start dropping the balls one by one gently.Should not crowd the balls so depending upon how many balls you have pick the size of the pan.To be on the safe side always pick a little bigger pan.
7)Once you have dropped all the balls bring the heat to medium-low and let it boil for 2 minutes and the cover with a tight lid.

8) After 8-9 minutes lift the cover and you will see that the balls have doubled in size ,like the picture below.Now let all the steam come out and cover again on low heat.Boil for another 5 minutes.
9) After 5 minutes when you will remove the lid you will see the balls doubled in size but this time they have somewhat settled at the bottom of the pan.This is because they have soaked the syrup to their heart extent.If they have not setteled then cover the lif for few more minutes on low heat.The sign that your rasgullas have soaked enough syrup is that they will become heavy yet still being very spongy and set at the bottom of the pan.
10) Let it cool down completely , add rose syrup and serve chilled.