Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clay pot chicken gravy.

This is the simplest yet tastiest gravy chicken I have had  anywhere.At least that is what everyone in my family says.
You do not need lots of ingredients in this recipe,unlike the recipes these days.They ask you to add cream,cashew paste and lots of such things.In our house we make fun of recipes in which they add these pastes as adding these things can make even wood pulp tasty.But who will carry those extra fat on the waist ,that is something to consider.
I usually use drumsticks but you can use mixture of all parts and it will taste the same.
Here is what you will need:-

Chicken -  2 pounds(cut into small pieces)
Tomato  -  2(medium size,puree them)
Onion    -  1 small       
garlic    -   2 cloves             
ginger   -   1and 1/2 inch
Grind onion ,garlic and ginger together into a paste.
Green chilli - According to your taste
vegetable Oil- 3 table spoons
whole cumin seeds- 2 teaspoons
Bay leaf - 1
garam masala powder - 1 teaspoon(homemade)
coriander powder - 1 Tea spoon
cumin powder  - 1 and 1/2 Teaspoon
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Salt -to taste.

This is how you do it:-
1)Put an oven proof pan or a clay pot on the stove which has a lid.

2)Add oil and cumin seed.

3)Dont let the cumin seeds crackle and add the onion,garlic and      ginger paste.Also add bay leaf,turmeric powder,salt,add the dry spices(cumin,coriander and garam masala).On  medium heat fry the spices.

4)Once the oil separates from the spices add tomato puree.Stir for 3-4 minutes .Add chilli.
5)Add chicken pieces,keep the heat on medium and stir for 5-6 minutes.Now cover with the lid and let the chicken release its water.

6)Every 5-6 minutes stir the chicken so that they dont stick at the bottom of the pan.

7) When you feel that chicken has released all the water,uncover the lid and stir for few minutes.Depending upon how much gravy you want ,add water and cover the lid.
8)Once the gravy comes to a boil,transfer it to the oven at 250 degree temperature.Let it simmer in the oven for 30-45 minutes.Do check every once in a while to check upon the gravy and adjust accordingly.

9)It is ready now to serve with hot plain rice,or chapati or naan.

One point to note though is to use clay pot if you have.Also instead of using all of vegetable oil ,make it half vegetable oil and half Ghee(clarified butter).
These two changes will bring tremendous amount of flavor.Just clay pot cooking brings a lot of earthy flavor.Although you can finish the whole cooking on stovetop but cooking for extended period of time in the oven infuses all the flavor inside the chicken which is normally bland here.Chicken itself has no taste in America.